Why our towels are the best

We are the premier manufacturer and wholesaler of towels in the UK. Our towels collection include luxury plain towels, face cloth, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheet – large size, hotels and institutional towels and embroidered towels. All our towels are made of the highest quality materials. The manufacturing process at our facility adheres to the strictest industry standards and complies with environmentally friendly protocols.

Whether you are looking for the large bath sheet or simply the ordinary bath towel, you can be assured of the fine quality and super absorbency that our towels are known for. The plushness of our towels adds to the luxurious feel in all our towels.

All our towels use 100% pure cotton. As a natural fibre, cotton is soft and fluffy. When spun into a yarn, cotton can be developed into materials with varying degrees of strength and durability. Take for example our large size bath sheets. A number of our bath sheets are made of 100% cotton carded yarn while the rest of our collection are made of ring spun cotton. The difference lies in the process to make cotton suitable for spinning into different types of yarn. Carded yarn is obtained through a process whereby a brush or a comb is gently applied over cotton to remove dirt and impurities that have accumulated. After carding, cotton can be spun into yarn. Additional combing may be applied to remove very short fibres in the cotton. The result is balls of cotton that are of the same lengths. This extra fine cotton which has extra strength and softness compared with ordinary cotton fibres. As for ring spun cotton, it is cotton that has been stretched and twisted into strands of cotton fibres. The more times the cotton is twisted and stretched will give it added softness. Furthermore, ring spun cotton is lighter than ordinary cotton.

When we make our large bath sheets, we ensure that they are soft to the touch, without becoming scratchy after a few washes. Furthermore, as our bath sheets are made of the finest quality cotton, they are super absorbent and they keep you dry instantly.

Our bath sheets come in a wide range of colours. They are available in white, cream, aqua mint, peach, lemon, pink, camel, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, wine, red, black, wine, dark green, dark brown and grey.

You can order our products online or by calling us. We welcome all calls or inquiries whether you are making an order for a single item or bulk ordering. Your orders are processed on the same day they are received. Delivery within mainland UK is free. We also deliver worldwide but subject to shipping charges. We are committed to making prompt deliveries to our customers. If you want express shipping or next day delivery, the relevant shipping or courier fees will be incurred. Ordering from us means you can also track the delivery times. Please go to our Shipping Policy for more detailed information about delivery times and shipping charges.

Importance of Hand Towels

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